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CD [HAO Sound File] 2002 J.E.S International

Guitar-Toshi Hiketa(now with David Lee Roth)
Guitar- Chris Juergensen
bass- Keisuke nishimoto(Kelly Simonz's Blind Faith)
Drum- tetsuya Hoshiyama(Kelly Simonz's Blind Faith)


Make it Shine Vol.1 (1995.10月発売)mandrakeroot 30MR-CD-020
現在ダブルディーラーのギタリスト島 紀史と共にCrystal Clearとして参加。

Make it Shine Video Vol.2 (1996.12月発売)
mandrakeroot 30MR-HS-3
現在ダブルディーラーのギタリスト島 紀史と共にCrystal Clearとして参加。

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Biography (English)

Keisuke got his start playing bass when he entered high school and received pointers from older classmate Masato Tsuya (currently bassist for the Japanese band ZIGGY). At age 22, Keisuke enrolled in Osaka School of Music, and a year later he was headed for Hollywood, California to study at the renowned Musicians Institute (BIT) for a year. There he had the opportunity to learn from some of the world's greatest bassists, such as Steve Bailey, Tim Bogert, Francis Rocco"Prestia, Billy Sheehan, Jeff Berlin and Gary Willis. At graduation, Keisuke was nominated for Best Bassist, and upon returning to Japan, he began working actively as a session bassist in Osaka. This period was highlighted by work as a member of guitarist Chris Juergensen's "Black Cat Bone" blues band, as well as the progressive metal band Tyd Died Junkies, featuring former Musicians Institute instructor Coreen Sheehan, guitarist Toshinori Hiketa (now with David Lee Roth), and Keisuke's longtime rhythm section partner Tetsuya Hoshiyama on drums.Keisuke also kept busy endorsing ESP basses and playing with other artists such as Norifumi Shima (Concerto Moon). In 1996, an invitation to work as music director for the brand new Fukuoka School of Music led Keisuke to further his playing career in a new scene, while enthusiastically mentoring up-and-coming young musicians. The move to Fukuoka provided ample opportunities to play, including a tour of Western Japan with the Pop female duo "Sweets", with whom he also performed at the Fukuoka Dome New Years Eve Countdown Event two years in a row. Keisuke's formidable technique received long-overdue recognition with his appearance in the October, 2000 special "Super Technique" issue of Japan's Bass Magazine. Following the successful 1999 record debut of rock guitarist Kelly Simonz, Keisuke learned through the grapevine that Kelly was auditioning members for his band, "Blind Faith". As soon as they started playing together , the two formed a tight rapport and continue to record and tour together today. Recently, they completed a 19 show, 11 country tour of Europe as opening act for the Hughes-Turner Project with Glenn Hughes (of Deep Purple) and Joe Lynn Turner (of Rainbow). The latest album by Blind Faith, also featuring Keisuke, has now been released to great reviews in both Europe and Japan. After 10 years away from home, Keisuke returned to live in Hiroshima in 2002. He now teaches bass locally and continues to travel extensively, teaching bass at Nagoya Communication Arts and developing effect pedals for bass in conjunction with Hao Effects. He has performed recently with guitarist Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck), and in August 2004 toured Japan with Toshi Hiketa and Ray Luzier of the David Lee Roth band. The range and scope of music which this versatile bassist undertakes seems to be endless!

(Translated by Doug Ross)

Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck), Toshinori Hiketa(David Lee Roth), Ray Luzier(David Lee Roth), Mark Schulman(BILLY IDOL, SHERYL CROW), JOHN CYRIIS(AGENT STEEL), Ralph Humphrey(Frank Zappa),Kelly Simonz etc...

kei's Movie

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